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Growing up in the Okanagan has been a privilege and the opportunity to raise my own children in this fabulous environment was one I could not pass up. A 15-year career in Corporate Leadership combined with countless hours of volunteer work with the youth in our community has given me a unique perspective into helping raise our next generation. I returned to school in 2018 to become an Early Childhood Educator and was presented with the prestigious ECE BC Sue Fraser Award upon completion. Post-graduation, I joined the leadership team at Creative Advantage spending time with each age group. This gave me the opportunity to understand each ages needs while managing the 3-5 program consisting of up-to 24 children. Recent events provided me the opportunity to begin my new journey in childcare, creating a program that is focused on education through play, an introduction to different cultures and providing exciting, new experiences each day.


My philosophy in relation to early childhood care is based on the Early Childhood Learning framework. Children should be given a sense of belonging and well-being through the process of building healthy relations with their peers and adults. Exploration and creativity are expressed through a zest for living and learning which is exemplified by ourselves and passed down organically to the children. Canada has so many different ethnicities with a focus on languages and literacies. This is of utmost importance ensuring children experience the stories and symbols of their own and other cultures. Learning about ourselves and who we are is equally as important as learning about others. Such as a focus on discovering social responsibility and diversity ensures an understanding of fairness both for themselves and others. Well-being, belonging, exploration, creativity, languages, literacies, social responsibility and diversity are the foundations of my philosophy and the building blocks of our children’s futures.


Sprott Shaw College would like to congratulate Indy Dhial, who has been awarded the Early Childhood Education BC’s Sue Fraser Student Award.

The ECEBC Sue Fraser Student Award recognizes the importance of ECE students to the early care and learning sector. “Students represent a fresh perspective and possess the energy and passion to be an integral part in the future of our sector. ECEBC recognizes the importance of building upon and encouraging students to be an active part of our organization.”


Source: Sprott Shaw College

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